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DataWharf is a tech company that simplifies the complex landscape of transport data.

DataWharf provides Clear, Consistent and Comparable data about all aspects of the journey.

We transform fragmented data into reliable API feeds, empowering transport and mobility providers to create user-centric solutions. We combine publicly available information with our own proprietary knowledge base to provide standardised API feeds covering the journey, the vehicle and the stations.

Our mission is to enable customer-focused businesses to deliver seamless, personalised mobility for travellers.

Our mission is to enable customer-focused businesses to deliver better mobility for travellers by delivering enhanced information and services so they are able to offer best in class, door to door services for the specific needs of the travelling public.

At DataWharf, we’re passionate about revolutionising the travel industry and enhancing the travel experience. Our proprietary data is curated to enable transport providers to provide innovative solutions that enable customer-focused operations and deliver better mobility outcomes.

In an era of dynamic, fast-paced travel we envision a world where passengers can seamlessly navigate their journeys, where operators can efficiently deliver services, and where mobility is offered as a unified, user-centric travel ecosystem.

Enabling our Customers

to Enable their Customers

We provide the data and information to empower rail and mobility service providers to offer best-in-class, door-to-door services tailored to the specific needs of their customers through the generation of consistent, enriched and queriable service information. The personalised journey support contributes to:

Greater confidence among users

Higher customer satisfaction

Improved journey experience

Growing customer loyalty

More equitable mobilty

Increased operating revenue

The Barrier to Truly Integrated Mobility?
Useful and Accurate Journey Information

The transport industry has undergone a profound transformation in recent years, with new intermediaries, new operators and new modes of transport making the mobility landscape bewildering.

The need for information is heightened by ever growing traveller expectations for personalisation, with an expectation for: Clear Consistent Comparable information on all aspects of a potential, across all relevant modes - in advance and during a journey.

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Transport operators are not required to provide all possible metrics on assets, hygiene factors or qualitative measures. The limited information currently available is fragmented, published in different formats, often not digitised for onward consumption. This acts as a barrier to attract additional users with a negative impact on passenger confidence and operator revenue.

By collating, enhancing and exposing train service, station and journey information in a consistent and queriable manner, we facilitate onward data provision, allowing our customers to access relevant and up-to-date information to build into their consumer offer.

Our Products

Informing Your Customers...

with Curated, Augmented Data

We offer robust and scalable Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow third-party developers to integrate our data products seamlessly into their applications. This empowers businesses to create innovative travel solutions and deliver enhanced experiences for their users.

Our data products are available via the Rail Data Marketplace

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