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Welcome to DataWharf’s suite of APIs, designed to empower your business to become AI-ready by seamlessly integrating advanced data solutions, enabling efficient data management and facilitating the adoption of AI technologies. We understand the critical importance of high-quality data for businesses of all sizes. Our APIs are built to help you make informed choices and drive growth. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our APIs are designed for simplicity and efficiency, allowing for seamless integration with your existing systems. 

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From mobility, travel, and urban development – have a look at our range of APIs to discover how DataWharf can revolutionise your data strategy.


Transport and Mobility Service Providers

An app-based mobility aggregator requires comprehensive data on transportation networks, operators, vehicles and service delivery understand the transport landscape available to its consumers. It also needs periodic updates on services, station facilities and route information. This data is crucial for providing users with accurate and up-to-date information about their travel options. By partnering with DataWharf, transport and mobility service providers can gain access to a rich repository of real-time data.


Retail and Commercial Business

Retailers and commercial establishments are keenly interested in understanding how transportation dynamics affect foot traffic and consumer behaviour. Partnering with DataWharf can allow retailers and commercial businesses to analysing the impact of transport on customer flow and purchasing patterns, providing crucial insights and data that can significantly enhance business operations and marketing strategies. 

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Companies in the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors all aim to offer seamless and enriching experiences to their customers. By partnering with DataWharf, these businesses can access a wealth of transportation data that enhances their service offerings and improves overall customer satisfaction.

Urban Planners and Smart City Developers

Organisations involved in city planning and development will find DataWharf a valuable partner as they require extensive and accurate data to effectively plan new transport routes and stations, analyse passenger flow and identify transport trends. By leveraging DataWharf's APIs, urban planners can access detailed information on various aspects of the transport network.



H01: GB Rail Stations: Station Name Look-up

Provides an AI-based ‘fuzzy’ station look-up, returning the relevant Station Name, CRS code and postcode for relevant close-match stations.

In development, due for release spring 2024

H02: GB Rail Stations: Location

Provides the Name, Easting, Northing, Latitude, Longitude of each GB National Rail station.

H03: GB Rail Stations: Full Details

Provides complete dataset for all GB National Rail stations on station assets; passenger facilities; staffing; bike and car parking; usage statistics; location; region; alternative names, operational and modal identifiers; and heritage rail, light rail, metro, ferry and airport interchanges.

H04: GB Rail Station: Lift Locations

Provides station and platform details of all lifts and escalators on the GB National Rail network.

In development, due for release spring 2025


J01: GB Rail Journey Distance

Provides the distance between any two stations on the GB National Rail network.

J02: GB Rail Carbon Calculator

Provides the average carbon quantity generated and monetary offset value of an average journey between any two stations on the GB National Rail network.


M01: GB Rail Rolling Stock: Operator Details

Provides contact details and company information for all rolling stock operators operating on the GB National Rail network.

In development, due for release late 2024

M02: GB Rail Rolling Stock: Carriage Identifiers

Provides the identification details for rolling stock (physical vehicles) operating on the GB National Rail network.

In development, due for release late 2024

M03: GB Rail Rolling Stock: Full Details

Provides a comprehensive dataset on rolling stock (physical vehicles) operating on the GB National Rail network, including most passenger features, capacity information and seating layout.

In development, due for release late 2024

M04: GB Rail Operator Details

This database includes brand and company details for all GB rail operators, their operational remit and contract type. The dataset includes the operators’ periodic PPM scores and calendar of upcoming industrial action. Links are provided to each operator website, accessible travel booking form/app and family-friendly travel score.


P01: GB Rail Train Service Look-up

Provides cross-referencing of identifiers for services on the GB National Rail network between UID, RID, RSID, Headcode, and origin/destination, departure time pairs.

P02: GB Rail Train Service & Rolling Stock Look up

Provides the scheduled rolling stock type for a specified train service UID.

In development, due for release late 2024

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