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DataWharf recognises that the complex landscape of mobility means that passengers need Clear Consistent Comparable information about all aspects of their journey.

DataWharf has consolidated currently disparate and inconsistent information, curating it into our suite of API feeds, made available to transport and mobility providers so that they can offer their end users simple, inclusive solutions relevant to individual user need.

We combine publicly available information with our own proprietary knowledge base to provide standardised API feeds covering many aspects of a journey.

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GB Rail Journey Distance

Provides the distance between any two stations on the GB National Rail network.


GB Rail Carbon Calculator

Provides the average carbon quantity generated and monetary offset value of an average journey between any two stations on the GB National Rail network.  Subscribe...

Journey Feeds


GB Rail Operator Details

This database includes brand and company details for all GB rail operators, their operational remit and contract type. The dataset includes the operators’ periodic PPM scores and calendar of upcoming industrial action. Links are provided to each operator website, accessible travel booking form/app and family-friendly travel score.


Metro in the City
Mode Feeds
Station Escalator


GB Rail Stations: Location

Provides the Name, Easting, Northing, Latitude, Longitude of each GB National Rail station.


GB Rail Stations: Full Details

Provides complete dataset for all GB National Rail stations on station assets; passenger facilities; staffing; bike and car parking; usage statistics; location; region; alternative names, operational and modal identifiers; and heritage rail, light rail, metro, ferry and airport interchanges.


Hubs Feeds


GB Rail Train Service Look-up

Provides cross-referencing of identifiers for services on the GB National Rail network between UID, RID, RSID, Headcode, and origin/destination, departure time pairs.

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Operational Feeds
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